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RSMX with “TwinDrive” to cubify sand

The sand found in the high-strength concrete used to construct Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s prestigious buildings must be pure and the particle shape needs to be cubical. Since the large quantities of natural sand in the region do not boast these properties, mine operator Stevin Rock manufactures the sought-after commodity out of limestone itself in his quarry in the Al-Hajar Mountains in northern Emirates. Two rotor centrifugal crushers of type RSMX from BHS-Sonthofen have been used for the final – and crucial – finishing step since September 2018. Two ultramodern rotor centrifugal crushers (RSMX) from BHS-Sonthofen have recently started making a crucial contribution to Stevin Rock’s sand manufacturing operation: The limestone extracted in the quarry is first brought in gradually at a size of five to ten millimeters. The two RSMX crushers with TwinDrive then break it down to a size of zero to five millimeters, while also turning it into the ideal cubical shape. In other words, our rotor centrifugal crushers perform the final finishing step.

Exhibitor: BHS-Sonthofen GmbH


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