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Eurobend Group is an innovative, progressive group of companies servicing the Wire/Tube, Construction and Pre-cast Concrete Industries.
Our group has long experience and is a manufacturer of:

1. Mesh Welding Lines, processing coiled or pre-cut, wire or rebar.
2. Engineered Mesh Welding Lines, (AMM, AKK, etc.)
3. Wire Spacer, Block Mesh, Truss Girder Welding Lines
4. Straightening and Cutting Machines, processing coiled wire or rebar.
5. Automatic Stirrup Bending Machines, processing coiled re-bar or straight bars.
6. Continuous Spiral Stirrup Bending Machines, processing coiled wire or rebar.
7. Pre-cast Concrete Reinforcing Building Systems and Special Welding Lines, for concrete prefabricated products.
8. Concrete Reinforcing Cage Assembly Machines, for pre-cast or at site construction elements.

Products and services

Welding Lines for Standard - Engineered - Special Electro-welded Mesh Panels Welding Lines for Concrete Prefabricated Products Block (Ladder) & Truss Mesh Welding Lines Wire Spacer Welding Lines Straightening and Cutting Machines Automatic Stirrup Bending Machines Continuous Spiral Stirrup Bending Machines Cut & Bend Lines Rebar Reinforcing Processing Lines for Pre-cast Building Systems Concrete Reinforcing Cage Assembly Machines Multiaxis Wire Straightening, Bending / Forming, Cutting & Welding Machines

1. Automatic Re-bar Twin-Bender, working directly from coil.
2. Unmatched production flexibility, due to combination of our superior multi-line straightening technology and the two independently operating bending stations
3. The combined and synchronous operation of the multi-line straightening machine and the two bending stations allows the machine to produce straight bars, out of any line and/or bent bars and stirrups

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• The AMM series cover every application in the production of engineering, construction, customized mesh and mesh with openings
for prefabricated concrete elements
• Any type of mesh can be produced instantly without any adjustments
• Different models are available for both the economic and high output production of mesh, offering maximum flexibility without changeover
• Capable of producing large and small batches-orders consecutively without any downtime

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1. Automatic Re-bar STRAIGHTENING & CUTTING MACHINE, processing up to six (6) interchangeable coils.
2. Straightening with advanced hyperbolic roller straightening technology.
3. Excellent straightening, without rib reduction and re-bar marking.
4. Unique convergence guide system for automatic re-bar diameter/coil changes in less than 2 seconds (patented).
5. The automatic coil changes, enables the production of different re-bar diameters in the same batch without complicated collection systems.

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Eurobend GmbH
Alexanderstr. 1
90547 Stein, Nuremberg

Phone: +49 9119498980
Internet: www.eurobend.com
E-mail: Send message

Contact person

Georgios Adamis
S & M Director
Phone: +49 911 9498980 / +30 69 36191886
E-mail: Send message

News & Innovations


Automatic welding line for the production of dowel side-frames (patented) Single and double side-frame production machine versions are available Line and cross wires fed from coil Unique bending head mechanism, with two bending pins positioning the wire ends accurately into the welding heads, offering excellent accuracy and repeatability.
Double bending tool for the production of frames with different side-frame legs’ sizes.
Diameter range up to 10mm

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High output automatic welding line for the production of reinforcement spacers
(All types of continuous high chairs, bolsters, bar supports etc.)
Covering production of parts with heights from 20 to 250mm
Extremely fast working cycle due to multiple (up to 6) cross wires feeding versions
Fully automatic, synchronized stacking and batch removal process.
Diameter range up to 7mm
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Automatic welding lines for the production of ladder type strip spacers
The “PLT B LADDER” Series welding lines ensure simple machine layout, reliable and cost-effective production of ladder type strip spacers from coils.
The machines are designed for heavy duty continuous operation for the reinforcing industry.
Line and cross wires are fed directly from coils through a compact straightening and multi-roller servo-motor driven feeding unit.
The machine can be supplied with “T” type or overlap “R” type welding heads.
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