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KEMROC, a successful German manufacturer of specialized milling products on an international scale, you can count on over 15 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and promotion of innovative excavator and backhoe attachments. Kemroc strong and reliable cutter attachments have increased the productivity of excavators for contracting companies in a wide variety of locations and applications. In line with the company’s slogan, "revolution of cutting", KEMROC specialized attachments continue to cut into difficult materials after other excavator attachments have reached their limits. They have completed difficult tasks in civil engineering, concrete refurbishment, tunneling and mining projects and have been used for auger drilling and cleaning flat steel surfaces. All KEMROC products are “Made in Germany” and the current portfolio includes chain cutters, trencher attachments, rock cutting wheels, surface milling machines and universal cutters, auger drive units and surface cleaning attachments.

Products and services

Rock cutters for excavators and backhoes

- Patch planers (EX)

- Universal cutters (ES)

- Cutter wheels (SMW and DMW)

- Chain trenchers (ETR, ETS and EK)

- Auger drives (EBA)

- Cleaning heads (EXRUST)

- Diamond cutter wheels (KDS)


- Trenching

- Demolition

- Tunnelling

- Road construction

- Foundation

- Auger drilling

- Cleaning of flat metal surfaces

KEMROC EK - Chain cutters

The EK range of chain cutters are the first of their type on the market. Designed for use on excavators from 2 to 50 tons, they are ideal for cutting stone with an uniaxial compressive strength up to 100 MPa.

EK chain cutters can cut trenches starting from 480mm wide, with no limitation to the depth.

KEMROC EX - Patch Planer

Patch planers in the EX range are ideally suited for the repair of asphalt surfaces or removal of contaminated concrete.

KEMROC patch planers are available in 5 different sizes with a model suitable for use on any excavator or alternative carrier in the operating weight range of 1 to 23 tons.

Mechanical or hydraulic depth control makes milling to very accurate depth possible, to a maximum of 19 centimeters.

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News & Innovations

The SMW range is designed for use as an excavator slot cutting attachment. It can cut narrow trenches, especially for laying cables, quickly and efficiently.

The reinforced mounting for the cutter wheel provides the strength required for cutting depths down to 1,000 millimeters.

When starting the cut, the weight of the attachment is supported by the sumping bracket and the wheel is gradually pressed down to the required depth. When the required depth has been reached, the wheel is then pulled along the cutting direction either by movement of the excavator arm or by driving the excavator slowly backwards. The cut material is guided out to the side of the trench.

+ Specially designed wheel for slots and narrow trenches to a depth of 1,000 millimeters

+ High torque hydraulic motor

+ High performance cutter wheel with optimum pick pattern

+ Cutter wheel mounted on extra strong bearings

+ Robust fastening of cutter wheel

+ Housing with integrated guide to send cut material to the side
of the trench

+ Trench cleaner

+ Can be used underwater to depths of 30 meters

Cutter wheels in the DMW range were designed in cooperation with customers for attachment to hydraulic excavators.

Two high torque, lateral hydraulic motors guarantee high production rates and maximum cutting forces. As a result, even in hard rock with a uniaxial compressive strength of 120 MPa as well as reenforced concrete, very high productivity rates can be achieved.

KEMROC produces these robust attachments in 4 sizes for excavators from 14 to 60 tons. To meet the demands of many applications, KEMROC have developed cutter wheel variations for cutting depths to 1,000 milli­meters. A choice of wheels with different tooling configurations and a range of widths up to 400 mm are available. Wheels with non-standard width and cutting depth are available on demand.

The DMW range is designed to work under water to depths of 30 meters, making the cutter wheels ideal for trenching and underwater demolition projects.

The EK range of chain cutters are the first of their type on the market.

Designed for use on excavators from 2 to 50 tons, they are ideal for cutting stone with an uniaxial compressive strength up to 100 MPa.

They are efficient, vibration-free attachments for the excavation of deep narrow trenches with the optimal trench profile. Trench width starts from 480 mm. Another application is mining of medium hard minerals with compressive strength from 15 to 60 MPa, where drill and blast is not possible.  KEMROC chain cutters excavate trenches no wider than absolutely necessary.

The continuous chain, driven by the cutter drums, removes the material automatically from the space between the cutter drums. With standard drum cutters, the need to remove this material on technical grounds always results in trenches wider than the cutter. Keeping trenches to the minimum width possible saves unnecessary transport costs for removal of cut material and fill material becomes cheaper.

The material produced by the chain cutter is fine grained and is ideal for use as fill.  EK chain cutters reduce wear and tear on the excavator swing gear. In addition, they give a 40% energy saving for equivalent production rates compared to conventional rotary drum cutters without the central chain.

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