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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Lightweight backpack vibrator ErgoPack®

Operating concrete vibrators is often thought of as back-breaking work – but it doesn’t have to be! While tight schedules, smaller construction crews and non-tethered mobility have made backpack vibrators a mainstay on many job sites, most backpack vibrators unevenly distribute...

Exhibitor: Badger Meter Europa GmbH

BT innovation GmbH & Maxtruder GmbH

It is our pleasure to announce that "Weiler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH" has found a new investor. "B.T. innovation GmbH" bought the Know-how of Weiler, founded in 1954 and well-known as one of the best world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of German machines for the...

Exhibitor: B.T innovation GmbH

BT Low Cost House Concept

The B.T. Low Cost Housing concept is developed to provide safe, high quality and affordable living spaces around the world. The concept is based on using an efficient prefabrication method to produce all elements of a house out of precast reinforced concrete, and assemble it in a very short...

Exhibitor: B.T innovation GmbH

Consulting for precast factories

No matter whether you are building a new precast concrete plant, modernize your existing precast plant or simply want to use the available resources more efficiently, we are happy to provide our consulting services that will help you to receive your goals. In addition to previous succesful...

Exhibitor: B.T innovation GmbH

"YOKE" Offshore Lifting - DA Series (the DNV 2.7-1 Type Approval)

Offshore Container Lifting Operation YOKE (DA Series) are manufactured to meet the requirements of DNV 2.7-1 for offshore container lifting to fulfill the need for the critical requirements of charpy impact, strength and ductility. DNV 2.7-1 Specified Test Certificate with material and...

Exhibitor: Carl Stahl Lifting Equipment Industries LLC

CONTEC® FLEKS- specially designed, developed, engineered and tested Wall Planer attachment for BROKK 160 demolition Robot.

CONTEC ® FLEKS- is a hydraulically operated wall planer, originally developed for the decontamination of radioactive walls and power stations in conjunction with one of the most outstanding universities in Germany. The specially designed, Wall Planer attachment is for use with the BROKK 160...

Exhibitor: Contec Maschinenbau & Entwicklungstechnik GmbH

CONTEC® VERTICALIS is a hydraulically operated wall planer, originally developed for the decontamination of radioactive walls

CONTEC ® VERTICALIS is a hydraulically operated wall planer, originally developed for the decontamination of radioactive walls and power stations in conjunction with one of the most outstanding universities in Germany. With specially adapted CONTEC ® Milling & Planing technology...

Exhibitor: Contec Maschinenbau & Entwicklungstechnik GmbH


CONTEC ® SYSTEMS FOR CONCRETE -since 1995 German engineering manufacturer CONTEC ® GmbH has constantly offered cutting edge versatile Shot-blasters, floor-scrapers, milling and grinding machines for surface preparation and concrete renovation including specially adapted, high...

Exhibitor: Contec Maschinenbau & Entwicklungstechnik GmbH

The SmartFix system for changing mixing tools significantly reduces maintenance costs

EIRICH has developed a quick-change system for the beaters. Replacement of the beaters is now a simple procedure and only takes a few minutes. Users who have migrated to the new system report a drastic reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. One very clever feature is the ability to...

Exhibitor: EIRICH

The AKK Series (Patented) New Concept in Mesh Production, Outperforms all existing methods

The new “AKK” welding line has set new standards in mesh production: The machine design eliminates all idle times and at least doubles productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding machines and more in one machine...

Exhibitor: Eurobend GmbH

AMM SERIES - Fully automatic welding lines for the production of customized mesh

Any type of mesh can be produced instantly without any adjustments Capable of producing large and small batches-orders consecutively without any downtime. The PATENTED extremely fast and automatic coil changing system enables the processing of different re-bar diameters in the same mesh....

Exhibitor: Eurobend GmbH


Automatic Re-bar STRAIGHTENING & CUTTING MACHINE, processing up to six (6) interchangeable coils.

Exhibitor: Eurobend GmbH

GPE Semmob plant

The semmobile plant GPE Semmob is especially designed for fast assembly and subsequently also rapid disassembly for quick setting in a new production location. Recently GPE Semmob plants are used in big projects in RAK Maritime City and for the new mega Project Dubai Creek Harbour.

Exhibitor: GPE German Plant Experience GmbH

Insulation blocks made on a glue line

KVM has developed a new method were the combination of block and insulation material takes place independently from the block machine. The process is based on gluing block and insulation material together. It is a standalone line that give high capacity and full flexibility of choice with...

Exhibitor: KVM International

Liebherr and EMC Strategic Partnership

Liebherr Concrete Technology and Emirates Motor Company (EMC Daimler CV) have entered into a strategic partnership to supply, Liebherr concrete mixers with Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks, to UAE customers. The partnership is designed to help construction companies across the Emirates deliver on...

Exhibitor: Liebherr Middle East FZE

MAX FRANK Unveils Fresh New Look

Inspiring ideas are rarely born in isolated silos. That is why we develop individual project solutions in an open dialogue with our partners. We are using innovations in structural physics geared toward longer life cycles and sustainability and we are striving to offer more efficient processes....

Exhibitor: Max Frank Middle East FZE

Pecafil® foundation formwork

Ground beam foundations and pile caps can be constructed quickly and easily using Pecafil ® permanent formwork. Suitable for various applications, including strip foundations and footings, Pecafil ® is a versatile, proven and economical alternative to traditional timber or steel...

Exhibitor: Max Frank Middle East FZE

Expansion joints with transverse force transmission and integrated waterstop

Expansion joints in concrete structures are particularly complex and cumbersome, from the design and planning stage all way to execution in the field. Whenever the transmission of transverse/shear forces in combination with structural waterproofing is required, the task becomes even more...

Exhibitor: Max Frank Middle East FZE


New cage welding machine for the manufacture of conical and round reinforcements for concrete poles It's the new product from mbk – the LSM-150-C cage welding machine, which was developed for the manufacture of round and conical reinforcements for concrete poles and piles in precast...

Exhibitor: mbk Maschinenbau GmbH


New cage welding machine for the production of precast concrete driven piles The new RSM-045 cage welding machine from mbk for the production of precast concrete driven piles for foundations and deep foundations stands for very high reliability and simple handling and is designed with its...

Exhibitor: mbk Maschinenbau GmbH


One machine - many cage geometries The VSM-V cage welding machines from mbk for the manufacture of square cage reinforcements for driven and bored piles have stood the test of time and ensure a stable production process. A new type, the VSM-057-S, has now been brought onto the market. Different...

Exhibitor: mbk Maschinenbau GmbH

OBTEGO Concrete Dyes

OBTEGO AG launch in spring 2018 now product line of penetrating concrete dyes. The product will be available as a concentrate and can be diluted only with water. The translucent color transforms your concrete floor to a decorative finish. After application of the dye the concrete floor must be...

Exhibitor: OBTEGO AG

Prime Pipe Pusher

Our latest creation is the Prime Pipe Pusher. The extra push or pull force with pipe pullback offers the perfect solution for application combined with a tunnel boring machine. Push force is transferred to several tensioning chains installed into a housing on the pipe, which then allows for pull...

Exhibitor: Prime Drilling GmbH

Innovative X-Pump in high pressure design with easy to maintain valve technology

Prime Drilling’s patented X-Pump is impressive with its robust, low-wear gear design. The 7-fold bearing mounted drive shaft equipped with 3 eccentric wheels replaces the conventional crankshaft which reduces operational wear to a minimum. To improve the high-pressure version of the...

Exhibitor: Prime Drilling GmbH

Specialty magnetic formwork for Forest City in Malaysia

Forest City. The venture is Asia’s largest urban development project situated in South Malaysia. For construction of the architecturally demanding residential buildings the first precast plant only began operation recently. RATEC magnetic formwork technology is applied here. In addition...

Exhibitor: RATEC GmbH

Concrete masts for high-performance wind turbines in China – powered by upcrete®

China’s leading developer and provider of energy solutions is using upcrete ® technology for its current wind energy project. Two UPP100 pump stations were installed at two locations to produce the precast concrete components for the construction of 120-meter high wind towers. The...

Exhibitor: RATEC GmbH

Upcrete® technology for precast columns for the new Sky Rail in Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne a new Sky Rail is currently being built to provide significant relief for the traffic situation in the city. RATEC’s upcrete ® pump technology from RATEC is used in the production of the precast columns. For the technically demanding construction of the column elements...

Exhibitor: RATEC GmbH

>stockbig® Geopump-400

The >stockbig ® Geopump is a lightweight, robust, portable grout pump especially developed for use with high solids enhanced grouts. It is suitable for continuous pumping which allows fast and efficient movement of grout to the borehole and minimizes the chance of separation within the...

Exhibitor: STOCK - B.I.G. GmbH

>stockbig® No.3-400 Mixerplus

The universal delivery pump with powerful 7,5 kW / 400V gear motor. Suitable for: machinable dry mortars, wet mortars as well as machinable hand-mixed, pasty and liquid materials.

Exhibitor: STOCK - B.I.G. GmbH

>stockbig® No.11 Mixingpump

An easy to handle, strong, versatile, high output mixing pump for continuous operation with all machinable, ready-mix dry mortars. With modified mixing technique.

Exhibitor: STOCK - B.I.G. GmbH

Rectangular Tube for tie rod

Werever positive connections are required and make it through narrow installation situation or low concrete cover the use of traditional round tubes difficult The bent rectangular tube can be delivered prebent according to customer requirements. Hydra rectangular tubes have been specifically...

Exhibitor: wbr Rohr-und Bauelemente GmbH

Circulation systems

The principle of a circulation system enables high production capacities in connection with a high degree of mechanization and automatization and can be used to produce almost every precast concrete part. The principle is similar to an assembly line production and as a result, jobs can be set...

Exhibitor: Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Mobile battery mould

Based on many successful years of experience in the construction of battery moulds, Weckenmann developed a concept of transportable formwork for the vertical manufacturing of flat precast concrete elements in form of a field factory - the ideal solution for large temporary construction sites....

Exhibitor: Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Formwork system/Tilting table

In a modern production plant for precast concrete parts, the formwork system is the "heart" of the plant. The formwork is in direct contact with the concrete and is therefore crucial to a high degree of the accuracy and quality of the precast concrete products. To ensure a high level of...

Exhibitor: Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

News & Innovations

Wehrhahn celebrates 125th anniversary - reliable technology since 1892. Experience gathered over more than a century of producing machines for the manufacture of high-quality building materials for a wide variety of construction applications. Starting 1892 - in the light of increasing...

Exhibitor: Wehrhahn GmbH

Wehrhahn advanced zero process related waste systems for AAC production plants

Part of the Wehrhahn "no system waste" concept is the patented Wehrhahn bed remover for tilt cake systems. The bottom layer is recycled before the cake is being autoclaved. In the past the hardened (autoclaved) bed could only be recycled in the process after being milled. With the Wehrhahn...

Exhibitor: Wehrhahn GmbH

Welcome to the Wehrhahn Plant Support and Emergency Support for AAC and fibre cement production plants

Wehrhahn Plant Support - boost your profit! Production of premium quality AAC and fibre cement at best prices: Producers of building materials always focus on staying ahead of competition. Wehrhahn can assist producers by keeping an analytical eye on the production process, identifying...

Exhibitor: Wehrhahn GmbH

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